Olá! I’m Paulo, a designer who brings ideas to life as engaging experiences and elegant designs. With a passion for design and coding, I’ve been delivering experiences for over 20 years.

Currently at Sourcegraph, I am focused on designing Cody — an AI that understands users’ codebases. Cody can answer code-related prompts and generate code by analyzing a given code graph.

Selected case studies

Building a Website Concept Through Fast-Paced Workshops.

Building the next-generation cloud encoding. Gencode is a video encoding service in the cloud. It powers companies and fast-growing startups to encode on-demand content in a breeze.

Expanding a centennial brand awareness by design.The Garage was a whole new customer experience at IBM in Brazil. It helped customers adopt leading technologies, speed up product development, and measure value.

Creating growth through an innovative mobile channel.While financial trading influences the world at a macro level, CME impacts individuals daily with real-time information about diverse derivatives marketplace.

Visual portfolio
A selection of my work as a graphic designer. Projects of branding, packaging, and illustrations for several clients in different design agencies.


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